Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

I Want What I Can't Have

Álbum: #Christina Aguilera - Mais Tocadas 5 Plays


I was running away from disaster,
Trying to go a bit faster...
Met you at that shop,
my knees so weak.. gunna drop.
Seeing you with my eyes,
not yet to relize...
your my one, my true...
and i just can't have you.

I want you to say you need me
Stop just trying to please me,
tell me that you love me
a little somethin' somethin'...
Instead of all the using,
and stop with the abusing.
I want what i can't have,
0o0o just too damn bad.

I know we fucked around
I thought we were romance bound...
now i know i'm wrong,
that's why I'm singing my song.

Guess what i learned today?
You have a girlfriend, eh?
I don't like to be used little boy...
so now it's time to make you the toy.
Sending up my signals,
But it's me who falls.

Sex and Love.
Which one for us?
All i want is you.
But your taken so true.

Chorus (x2)

tell me that you love me,
hold me in your arms...
i wanted you, and now...
I hurt so bad.
I fell for you, but i'm
the "other girl", o0o o0o.

John, baby boy...
I love you so true.
Sex me up now,
'cuz that's all i can get from you