I Got Trouble Letra

I got trouble, trouble, trouble
Always knockin’ at my door
Yes, I’m a whole lotta trouble, baby
Just like a kid in a candy store
Well, I’m nothin’ but trouble, babe
Now since the day that I was born

Well I’m as good as it ever gets
Give you somethin’ you won’t forget
If you wanna spell trouble, babe
Well, send out an S.O.S., hey

This baby’s got somethin’
Somethin’ you just can’t ignore
And yeah, it sure is likely, babe
You’ll keep on coming back for more

I’ve got a wicked taste for trouble
And I’m never, never satisfied
Yeah, I’m a whole lotta trouble, baby
And my evil ways can’t hide, oh my my
Well, I been itchin’ for some trouble babe
Every single day that I’m alive

Come on, baby
Come on, darlin’
Come on, sugar
Baby, ooh, yeah

Now listen
Can’t you see the way I move?
Can’t you read it in my hips?
There’s lots that’s goin’ on
In my pocket full of tricks
Got some secrets up my sleeve
If you know just what I mean
Got places you never been
I’ll take you out of your skin

Well, I’m trouble, trouble, trouble, baby
Always knockin’ at my door
Yeah, I’m a whole lotta, lotta trouble, babe
Since the day that I was born