Zé Ramalho

Zé Ramalho

How Could I Know

Álbum: #Zé Ramalho - Mais Tocadas 5 Plays

How Could I Know Letra

Reformulation, re-arrange the game you`re in
Let us start from begin with confidence you`ll win
That`s the reason you were born

Cause Jesus Christ, man
Won`t be coming back no more
He set up his proper laws
And you know well that he did
Just what he should have done

As I was growing and my hair was getting longer
I was feeling so much stronger
I could carry my guitar and I knew that I could sing

But, hey, how could I know
The wind would blow with the rain?
Hey, how could I see
What would they make out of me?

When I was little
Used to dream I was a King
Now they taught me how to sing
Think I`ve lost most everything
I could ever asked for

You`ve got pencil, your guitar, your amplifier
Searching for the lousy liers
You`ll set this word on fire
Like Nero did to Rome

Hey, how could I know
My eyes could see in the dark?
Hey, don`t press on me
I`m not to blame can`t you see?

It`s been too long now
Since the latest reb has gone
Who knows you`ll be the next
To go down in history?